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Services for Agencies & Organizations 

PCS offers a variety of cost-effective business solutions to both non-profit and for-profit organizations serving individuals with disabilities and/or seniors.
Strategy & Organization

There is always that one program whose sustainability is questionable. The expenses  have outweighed the revenue for months...or maybe it's being subsidized by another division of the agency. Whether your organizational chart is too top-heavy or you're losing money in a particular area and need a strategized solution, PCS can offer a fresh perspective and work on-site analyzing your programs, composing reccomendations and coordinating solutions.

Vacancy Coverage

Oftentimes when a business is forced to operate without a key member of it's management personnel, it only creates a larger gap of work for the new employee to complete once they've been hired. PCS can support your business by temporarily filling your program & administrative employee vacancies while you take your time and identify the right long-term candidate for the job.

Staff Training

Ensuring all staff attend mandatory trainings and maintain compliance can be a large task.  Staff often work more than one job, making it more challenging to attend your agency offered trainings. PCS can customize employee trainings specifically for your agency or utilize your established curriculum and serve as an additional trainer at various times to close training gaps.  

Project Management

PCS can also support your agency to organize and complete large business projects. This may be particularly helpful if you have other employees already doing multiple jobs but you dont want the expense or committment of creating a new position to get the job done. A PCS Consultant would be a sound investment with a high-quality return.  


Compliance & Auditing

Are you  100% confident in your readiness for a Medicaid or regulatory audit? Do you have enough staff currently in place who are dedicated to ensuring that the organization is prepared to undergo a comprehensive review of billed services? Will your services billed at the end of this month contain fewer errors than there were last month? If the answers are "no", contact us today for immediate assistance.

CARF Accreditation

As a previous executive at two CARF accredited agencies and a Program and Administrative ECS Surveyor employed by CARF International, your PCS Consultant can support your agency to achieve accreditation. Whether your agency is researching the process for the first time, or you'd like a mock survey conducted as you prepare for an upcoming visit, PCS can work with you through the entire process.


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