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Services for Individuals & Families

PCS supports families and individuals with disabilities to: 
   - recruit and self-direct DSS or DDS Medicaid waiver PCAs at home
  - recruit and self-direct privately hired aides at home
PCS' main mission is to offer structured individualized supports to people who want to maintain their independence in the familiarity of their own residence.
Needing Assistance Hiring & Managing Your Own Staff?

PCS will support you to recruit and hire new or additional caregivers for your team. As needed, we'll create a unique advertisement to attract talented aides you want to hire and manage the responses. This aspect of finding new help can often cause stress and anxiety, let PCS lighten the load for you. 

PCS will pre-screen and interview along with you, or on your behalf, to help ask all the pertinent questions before you hire. PCS will also manage background checks, employment verifications and confirm personal and business references  before individuals enter your home.

Do you ever feel like all your aides have a different interpretation of the job? Let us help by developing  personalized job descriptions, and care protocols for your home. For new staff and for staff already on board, PCS will also assist you to evaluate caregivers' performance and enhance your overall quality of care.

PCS now offers support time-sheets and EVV ; providing assistance with weekly processing of time-sheets, transitioning to the Electronic Visit Verification system and generally managing caregiver hours and overtime from week to week. 

Scheduling caregivers from week to week and managing care coverage can be overwhelming.  How do you handle frequent call-outs? No-shows? or unreliable caregivers? Allow PCS to provide assistance. Whether you need general advice, scheduling assistance, Home Care as a back-up option or full-time coverage  and coordination, PCS can help.



"Although Renee worked for me less than a year, she truly made a difference in my life...She struck the balance between executing the groundwork and involving me. Without Renee I was making things work, but with her services I gained more time to focus on my creative writing students and my social life...I will undoubtedly use this service again...If you need help to do the same, do not hesitate to contact Renee." 

-Sarah R.


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