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Personal Care Solutions, LLC (founded in 2015) is a for-profit, boutique agency that aims to support individuals and their families to navigate in-home services including caregiver recruitment, personal-care management, long-term planning, advocacy and daily support-coordination.


Our new (2024) annual fundraiser is affectionately titled Bloom as it represents our individuals and our daily consultative efforts to prosper and grow.


We humbly ask for your support to reach our greatest potential this spring season. PCS is highly dedicated to supporting growth, progress and individualized success for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. We are passionate about supporting people to be independent and self-sufficient in their homes and lives.


Our mission is focused on consulting with individuals and their families providing them with the know-how, the resources and the strategies for self-empowerment & enhancing person-centered support systems. At PCS, we are whatever our families need us to be: Change-agent, Consultant, Challenger, Counselor, Cheerleader, Companion, Coach. No matter the title, the intent is to ensure individuals and families receive additional tools and systems to direct their lives and care in a direction they choose.


PCS proudly provides an innovative, yet personalized service model aimed at the formation of a comprehensive support team that envelopes the person. To date, over the last nine years, we have served more than 50 families and now on the eve of a decade of service, the next phase of PCS needs your help. A measured and deliberate expansion to include administrative support in the office will allow us to maintain the high level of service to families and your donation will allow us the opportunities to continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of families and the disability community.

Please support our fundraiser:
All proceeds go to caregivers, disability support training, in-office supplies, clerical personnel, software systems and recruiting/hiring expenses.

Support PCS to Bloom this Spring!

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